Emma grew up with an inquisitive air, a passion, an awareness, and an understanding for the world around her. She was always very interested in making fiber based art from teaching herself how to crochet and sew. Emma has always had a passion for drawing, painting, and materials her whole life and applied to Minnesota's only art public boarding school, Perpich Center for the Arts High School. There, Emma developed a foundation for talents in observation and abilities of color and composition. 

After high school, Emma spent one semester prior to college in Busan, South Korea at a university language and culture program. Emma has always been interested in Korea as her brother and sister are Korean Adoptees.  She then continued to her dream school, the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where she applied imagination and vision as textile design student, working with natural fibers, juxtaposition of colors and textures, and environmental and emotional centered ideas for pieces. Emma also has a minor in Sociology and Psychology and tries to increase her awareness in different emotional or sociological issues within her art and daily life.



After graduating from RISD with a Bachelor's degree in Textile Design and Fiber Arts, spring of 2016, Emma was hired to work for a year at the fast-paced apparel company, J.Jill Group in Quincy MA, as a Contract Digital Print Designer. She has since gained experience in color matching and swatching, digital drawing, cleaning, and repeating print designs for fabric using Kaledo and the Adobe programs. She has also worked assisting the J.Jill Apparel Design department creating Adobe Illustrator apparel flats and original digital embroidery illustrations. 

Emma is currently back in her home state of Minnesota hoping to find employment in the textile field and also establishing herself as a freelance textile artist, print designer, and illustrator.

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